School Of Hard Knocks

School Of Hard Knocks

About us

This is the main SOHK management team – we have other integral staff running our courses, based in our office and making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

We use sport to tackle the issues surrounding unemployment, crime and health. We work with individuals to help them take responsibility and take positive steps forward in their lives.

School of Hard Knocks offers a number of different programmes, each tailored to its audience and principal aims. The constant factor is our methodology – controlled confrontation, challenging activities and a constant affirmation of self-worth and motivation.

We help people:
Grow in confidence.
Take personal responsibility for their lives and actions.
Experience the value of team work and diversity.
Learn the value of respect: both of others and of themselves.
Realise their own potential.
Reengage with employment or education.

The charity was founded in 2012 by Ken Cowen, who created the concept in 2007.

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